Hello! Welcome! I am so happy you found me!

I’m Nurse Kierston and I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, preceptor, travel enthusiast, skier, dog lover, super aunt, and now blogger! In this blog I will share everything I have learned in my first three years as a nurse practitioner. I will share what I did right, what I did wrong, and talk about all the things you don’t learn in school.

Each week I will write one post about patient care, one post about business, and sprinkle a few fun things from time to time in between! Though I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I know a lot of this will help all NPs (and PAs!!). I have wanted to start a blog and share this information for so long! Whether you are a student, a new provider, or a seasoned NP/PA I hope you will come on this ride with me!

Thanks for joining!